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Hina Bhatt


Hina Bhatt is a passionate artist based out of Pune, the cultural capital of India. Hina completed her graduation in Fine Arts from Stella Maris College, Chennai. Hina worked extensively as a textile designer, before going back to her first love: Painting.

As an artist, Hina uses her creative instinct and originality to express the spiritual intimacy which (she believes) we share with the universe. She says that nature has its own way of attracting every artist and revealing its truths to them.

She is an avid observer of everything around her; and her deep connection with nature is evident from her artworks. Her works represent multiple interpretations of themes like spiritualism, religion, philosophy and human relations. Each series of her artworks expresses her deeply contemplative mind.

Hina Bhatt opines that life is full of pre-determined spiritual contexts that comprehend the divine connections. She explores this influence, to bring out the roots of life contexts that govern our lives and prevail both in our psyche and in our practices.

Her compositions are a brilliant visual metaphor that represents the inner instruments of mind and senses; by which we guide our bodies through life. She mostly works in the mediums of pen, acrylics and oils.

Hina has displayed her works since 2005, in many shows in India and abroad. Her artworks are part of art collections of private and corporate art collectors in India and abroad.